Quartz Crystal Pendants

Brazilian Natural Quartz Crystal Pendants Filled With Paraiba Tourmaline Nuggets for Health, Spiritual Protection, and Higher Vitality

Price: SOLD OUT! At this time there are no prospects for reordering more, due to the economic collapse in Brazil and the breakdown of the global supply chain.

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Egg-shape pendant, custom-cut from optical quality, flawless, colorless Brazilian natural quartz crystal. Drilled, polished, and filled with turquoise blue-green color, Paraiba tourmalines, from the original mine in Brazil, floating in a matrix of colorless organic jojoba oil. Various sizes and shapes, approximately one inch length, and drilled for a necklace.

These pendants have been blessed with several Ganesha and Sri Chakra Pujas to imprint them with healing energies. Regular wearing of this pendant can boost the immune system, help with stress control, anxiety, worry, and central nervous system issues.

Dowsing studies show that the inner aura (pranamaya kosha) will expand 15-20 times its normal radius, when this pendant is worn near the thymus gland. It is suitable for wearing by almost all people, and espcially useful as an astral talisman for the planets Venus and/or Mercury.

Natural Quartz Crystal Pendant Filled With Paraiba Tourmaline Gem
For Health, Higher Vitality and Creativity
Price: $888 USD plus applicable tax and shipping

Teardrop-shape, Brazilian natural quartz crystal pendant with 10 exquisite phantom points and a gem quality light blue Paraiba tourmaline set in the front. Drilled for necklace. Approximately 31 mm high, 15 mm wide. Suitable for use as an astral talisman for the planets Venus or Mercury.

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