Geopathic Stress and Your Health
Geopathic Stress and Your Health, by Stephen Quong

Widespread international research now indicates that geopathic stress may be one of the primary causes of degenerative illnesses and chronic health conditions. These studies show a high level of correlation between major illnesses and sleeping or working over an area of geopathic stress.

Geopathic stress can be caused by many different factors, including the electromagnetic grid of the Earth, earthquake fault lines, tunnels, caves, construction sites, sewage pipes, underground streams, mineral deposits, noxious gases, radioactive rocks, geomagnetic and geological anomalies, burial sites, trauma and instability resulting from millions of years of earth changes, cosmo-biological influences, and all of the other traumas inflicted upon Nature by humans, their machines, and toxic wastes.

In one recent study, scientists from the Dulwich Health Society (USA) studied over 25,000 people with ill health and concluded that geopathic stress was directly linked with:

100% of people who get secondary forms of cancer.
95% of people who get cancer were sleeping and/or working in an area with geopathic stress.
95% of children who are hyperactive, who have learning disabilities, or who are difficult to control.
95% of people who get AIDS.
80% of parents or caregivers who abuse children.
80% of divorces involve one or both partners experiencing geopathic stress.
80% of couples who cannot conceive children naturally.
80% of women who have a miscarriage.
80% of babies who died in the crib.
70% of Post Viral Fatigue sufferers.
70% of people who have food allergies.

Common symptoms of geopathic stress can include: fatigue, weak immune system, depression, nervousness, loss of appetite, poor digestion, allergies, insomnia, circulation problems, muscle cramps, and grinding of teeth. Children are especially sensitive to geopathic stress. Bed wetting and continuous crying by babies may occur.

Fortunately, there are ways in which we can identify and neutralize many forms of geopathic stress. Electronic instruments can be used to measure electromagnetic fields, microwave radiation, poisonous gases, and radioactivity. Dowsing and clairvoyant vision can be used to identify the more subtle energy fields. After we identify the cause and the location of the geopathic stress, what can we do about it?

There are many possible remedies. Just as acupuncture has proven to be an invaluable technique to regulate imbalances in the energy meridians of the human body, likewise earth acupuncture (geopuncture) and other specialized tools and techniques can also provide us with relief from geopathic stress.

By stimulating the energy channels and energy centers of the Earth using copper tubes, natural quartz crystals, and other specially designed tools, a specially trained Feng Shui Master can transform the energetic field of a home or property, resulting in tangible and significant health benefits. Most types of geopathic stress can be substantially reduced, or in some cases entirely eliminated, using these special techniques and tools. In areas of extremely heavy geopathic stress, however, relocation to a new place might be the only real solution.

After the completion of an earth acupuncture or land cleansing project, there is usually a feeling of lightness, elation, calmness, greater alertness, higher vitality, and a greater sense of peace and harmony with the environment. Living and working in an environment free from geopathic stress will increase the Life Force (Qi) of the occupants, which in turn can result in enhanced creativity and better personal relationships.

In addition to the more obvious physical hazards in our environment, we must also consider the energetic influence of the previous inhabitants of a house or property. Archaeologists are discovering that most places of human habitation have been occupied not just for a few hundred or thousand years, but actually for millions of years. If you can recall some of the traumatic events which have transpired in your own lifetime, under one roof, then you can imagine the accumulation of memories and energetic records over thousands of generations, and its influence on the land, the building, and the local environment.

Some of you might have met people who are "psychic" or clairvoyant, who claim that they can "read" the records from the past. Even if we are not clairvoyant, probably all of us have had an experience where we felt some strange, invisible force in a room or building which made us feel uncomfortable. Very likely this was caused by your reaction to the energetic records, or memories, anchored in the building through its physcial components and building materials. Hardwood, brick, ceramic tile, and rocks all have some kind of a crystalline structure, which acts as the matrix to hold energetic records of life experiences. The local history of the building and its inhabitants can be recorded in the wood of the doors, windows and beams; in the stones in the fireplace; and even in the nails in the walls. Unless these energetic records are cleared using powerful Feng Shui techniques, they remain in place and continue to influence the lives of the occupants of a building, for better or for worse.

The usual techniques for space clearing, such as playing spiritual music, ringing bells and Tibetan metal bowls, burning incense, smudging with sage, chanting mantras, and ceremonial rituals, are typically ineffective in neutralizing below-ground-level earth energies such as black streams, ancient burial sites, earthquake fault lines, EMF, caves, Hartman lines etc. For geopathic stress which originates from a deeper level of the physical earth, much more powerful techniques and tools are required. The ability to cleanse the Earth's energy fields down to one kilometer, and to create new, positive energy fields strong enough to deflect the subterranean sources of geopathic stress, requires many years of training and practice, and there are only a few people in the world who are capable of doing this type of work.

Wandering ghosts, imprisoned elementals, curses, and spirit possession are other possible problems which, when combined with geopathic stress, can make a building or property almost uninhabitable. Again, specialized training and techniques are required to effectively deal with these possibilities.

A Feng Shui Master can identify other human factors which can compound the negative effects of geopathic stress, such as burial sites, ritual grounds, battlefields, ancient building sites and roads, ley lines, and places where people and animals suffered some suffering or torment in the near or distant past. These types of energetic records can be readily addressed using both modern and traditional forms of energetic land cleansing.

By locating and empowering the energy centers of a house, such as the Heart Center, the Lung Center, the Healing Center, and other power spots, purifying, uplifting and protective energies can be restored, to the benefit of the occupants of a house, and indeed the entire neighborhood.

Working with earth energies is a vast topic, and an area of specialization within certain Feng Shui schools. Not all modern Feng Shui schools address this issue, but the tradition of Taoist geomancy has been practiced in China for thousands of years. The accumulated knowledge and experience of generations of Feng Shui masters can be translated and applied to modern circumstances in the Western world, and the ancient, traditional techniques for healing the Earth can be improved through the creative application of modern technology. By blending the best of the East and the West, there is hope for a new, more effective paradigm for healing the Earth.

What kind of earth energies are you sleeping on tonight? You should find out soon, because it might be the most important factor affecting your health and well-being. "Think globally, but act locally". If you want to heal the Earth, maybe you should begin first with your home and office!

Stephen Quong
Senior Qi-Mag Feng Shui Consultant and Certified Instructor
Senior Master of Tao Geomancy and Certified Instructor
Vajracharya and Abbot, Dari Rulai Purity Temple

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