Gold Ash Powder Antioxidant Nutritional Food Supplement

The Crown Jewel of Burma: Schwedagon Pagoda at night

What is Gold Ash Powder?

The Gold Ash Powder is an antioxidant food supplement is made through an ancient fermentation and alchemical technique invented by Grandmaster Sayagyi Dr U Shein of Yangon, Myanmar (Burma), about 35 years ago. It is very different from Ormus, mono-atomic gold, the alchemical gold ash made in the West, or Ayurvedic bhasma. Six metals, including gold and silver, are fermented with four high antioxidant fruits and high mountain honey (from 3000 meter elevation), to purify and detoxify the metals and change their characteristic formation.

After 15 years of fermentation the purified metals are alternatingly buried undergound for a year, and then exposed to sunlight. Then the metals are slowly heated, applying an elaborate ancient alchemical process which results in all the metals, including the gold and silver, becoming powder.

Toxicity and Side Effects

Toxicology tests in Switzerland, Singapore and Japan have found that GoldAsh Nutri Food Supplements have no known toxicity and no bad side effects, when taken in the recommended dosage.

How to Use Gold Ash Powder?

Mix with one quart (or one liter) of raw, organic, wildflower honey and stir by hand with a wooden spoon for 60 minutes to evenly mix the Gold Ash Powder and to potentize it with your intention. I highly recommend using the raw, organic, Active 15+ Manuka Healing Honey from for even better results.

To maintain good health, vitality, and reduce pain and inflammation, take two teaspoons of this honey daily. For severe health problems and pain, take two teaspoons of honey, two or three times daily. You may adjust the recommended dosage according to your own experience. Best results are achieved if Gold Ash Powder is taken for 6-12 months. Children above 12 years age can take half the adult dosage. Do not drink alcohol while taking GoldAsh Nutri. Gold Ash Powder mixed with honey can be kept for many years. Gold Ash Powder kept for more than 10 years is still effective.

Reported Benefits of Eating Gold Ash Powder as a Nutritional Food Supplement:

Cleanses the body of toxins at the cellular level, from alcohol, drugs and chemicals.
Supports cellular regeneration and regrowth for anti-aging.
Anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects.
Softens hardened tissues and tendons.
Reduces inflammation and pain.
Helps arthritic and rheumatic problems.
Facilitates wound healing.
Supports healing of old wounds and scars.
Supports cancer treatments.
Supports treatment of HIV.
Improves bone mass and bone strength.
Improves acne and skin problems.

Legal Disclaimer: These statements have not been approved by the FDA, and no health claims are made or implied. The Gold Ash Powder Antioxidant Food Supplement is a nutritional supplement and is not a medicine, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases or medical conditions. Please consult a licensed and qualified health care practitioner immediately if you have any medical problems.

SPECIAL NOTE: Stephen Quong has personally met Grandmaster Sayargyi Dr. U Shein in Yangon, Myamar, in October 2012 and November 2013, and is an authorized reseller of the authentic Gold Ash Powder and related products.

All of the gold ash powder which he sells was personally given to him by Dr. U Shein.

There are other sellers of gold ash powder on the internet, and my dowsing indicates that what they are selling is different from what I am selling.

We are sorry to inform you that Dr. U Shein passed away on 11 November 2014, but the production of the Gold Ash Powder continues under the direction his son, long-time colleagues and co-workers.

Stephen Quong receiving a direct spiritual transmission from Grandmaster of Healing and Alchemy, Sayagyi Dr. U Shein, in Yangon, Myanmar, on 18 October 2012 (Moon, Mars and Rahu in Scorpio; opposite Jupiter).

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