Astrological Services and Fees

Stephen Quong

Please email me or call (925) 754-8858 before placing your order, to reconfirm my availability. Thanks!

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Life Reading ($300): Initial, comprehensive consultation which provides an overview of the most important karmic patterns shown in your Vedic Astrology birth chart. It is an interactive consultation covering the areas of health, longevity, finances, family, education, investments, marriage and partnerships, religion and spirituality, career, success, and life purpose. Puja and Gemstone Recommendations are also included, as well as time for questions and answers concerning current issues. Please send me your birth date, exact birth time, place of birth, a recent photograph, palm prints or digital scan, and a list of questions if you want a Life Reading by telephone. A Life Reading is not available by e-mail or in written form, but an MP3 recording will be provided to you after the consultation.

Additional payment option: You can also pay for your Life Reading with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DAI, Ethereum, Litecoin, or USD coin here.

Annual Update Consultation ($300): A 60-minute consultation analyzing specific issues in great detail, including forecasts, predictions, and important dates for the coming 12 months. A Life Reading or some familiarity with Vedic Astrology is a prerequisite for an Annual Review. It should not be requested as an introduction to Vedic Astrology. An Annual Review is not available by e-mail or in written form.

You can pay for your Annual Update Consultation with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or Litecoin here.

Short Consultation ($150): A 30 minute consultation on any topic of your choice, such as health, travel, education, litigation, finances, and relationship compatibility. Not available by e-mail or in written form.

Relationship Compatibility ($150): A 30-minute, in-depth analysis and discussion of the compatibility of two people for marriage, business partnership, creative collaboration, or between family members. Not available by e-mail or in written form.

Vedic Gemstone Recommendation ($108): Recommendation of Vedic gemstones for therapeutic purposes, including spiritual healing, prosperity, emotional balancing, and protection. Includes instruction on the purification and empowerment of the gemstone with rituals and mantras, and the auspicious time to wear it. (Available by E-mail or via correspondence.)

Timing of Auspicious Events (Muhurtha) ($150): Recommendation of the best times for marriage, incorporation of a business, litigation, conception of children, inauguration of officers, travel dates, etc. (Available by telephone or email.)

Individual Question (Prashna) ($75): This service is NOT available as an initial consultation for new clients, or by email. When a specific question is asked, the answer or outcome can be determined by analyzing the chart for the very moment of the question. Analysis of the natal chart is not included in this reading.

Puja Recommendation ($51): A puja is a formal, religious ritual performed in a temple on behalf of the supplicant. Pujas to planets or Vedic deities will be chosen based upon your Vedic Astrology birth chart, as well as through a discussion of your situation.

Relocational Astrology ($150): Determination of the best place to live for health, prosperity, career, marriage, children, spiritual growth, and creative inspiration. My work is NOT based upon the simplistic and incomplete concepts of popular Western astrocartography, but on the traditional, time-tested, 6000-year old techniques of Vedic Astrology. Not available by e-mail or in written form.

Traditional Vedic Rituals for Spiritual Blessings, Healing, Prosperity, and Family Harmony

Sri Chakra Puja: $201
Navagraha Puja: $201
Durga Puja: $201
Family Puja: $301

If you cannot a attend a puja in person, you can still sponsor a puja and receive the full blessings of the puja wherever you may be in the world. Just send us your photograph and Sankalpa (your prayers, or dedication for the puja), which can be placed next to the altar during the ceremony, and the spiritual energies invoked during the ceremonies will be directed to you wherever you are at the time of the puja.

Corporate and Political Strategy/Mergers and Acquistion/Venture Capital/Investment Banking/Executive Recruitment ($300/hour): Priority service will be given to existing corporate clients who have an annual billing of $1,000/year or more, and to new clients who pay a retainer fee in advance of $1,000. Unused credits will be carried over to the next month, and can transferred to other persons for their use. Screen potential employees for general and specific character traits and skills, intelligence, honesty, compatibility with other employees, health, longevity, and other factors which cannot be so easily determined in ordinary job interviews. Avoid thousands of dollars in potential losses from hiring the wrong person, or the right person going through a difficult period of life.

Gift Certificates: For the person who has everything, the gift of a prepaid astrological consultation could be a delightful surprise. We can mail an artistically hand-lettered gift certificate, sent in your name, anywhere in the world. Available in various denominations, from $100 to $300. Gift certificates have no expiration date, and are fully transferable to any person of your choice.

Rectification of Unknown Birth Time: If your birth time and birth date are completely unknown, it will usually require more than one hour to determine your approximate birthtime (>$300). If your birth date is known but not your birth time, then it will usually take one hour for me to determine your approximate birthtime ($300). If your birth time is known within a range one hour, then it will usually take about 30 minutes to determine your birthtime ($150). If your birth time is uncertain +/- 15 minutes, then the fee is $75.

Vedic Gemstones and Astral Gemstone Talismans: You may go to the web pages for Gemstones, Rubies, Sapphires, or Meditation Crystals to view photographs of various Vedic Gemstones and Meditation Crystals.

Navaratna Gem Elixir: Made with nine natural gemstones associated with the Nine Cosmic Forces (Navagraha).

Vedic Astrology Software: Parashara's Light v.8 The latest and greatest edition of my favorite software program. Excellent for beginners learning astrology, as well as for professional use. ($299 USD) This software will be sent to you via email download. Please indicate the type of computer you are using.

Qi-Mag Feng Shui and Tao Geomancy Consultation:: Please call (925) 754-8858 or e-mail for a price estimate. Comprehensive analysis of environmental factors which can affect your health, relationships, prosperity, and career success. Includes recommendations for corrective measures concerning architectural design, interior design, color therapy, sound therapy, music therapy, balancing of the Five Elements, and protection against electromagnetic radiation. Additional fees may be charged for neutralization of underground water channels and ley lines, exorcism of discarnate entities, expelling negative forces, balancing black streams, mass grave sites, and ritual grounds.

Spiritual Healing ($150/30 minutes). ($225/45 minutes). ($300/60 minutes) I have extensive training and experience in various forms of spiritual healing. See Bio for more information.

Please call (925) 754-8858 during business hours Pacific Time, or email: