Unsolicited Client Testimonials

Updated 3 March 2020

"I really have never felt so good and clear about my life as I did with your reading. A lot of questions I had internally, and on a karmic level became very clear and I want to thank you for that." SR, Texas

"Everything you said 15 years ago came true. I can't think of anything you said which didn't come true." LB, Louisiana

"Your Life Reading has been of an enormous guidance and support to me during the past six years. I cannot even begin to think how much it has influenced my self-understanding and the consequent life quality." ER, Switzerland

"Your interpretation of my chart tells me that it is possible to know one's self, if we only learn what it means to listen. And this realization is very important and meaningful to me right now. Beyond the words, it was experiencing your work that has truly touched and inspired me." BM, Manila, Philippines

"More than 90 percent of what you predicted came true. I am telling all my friends that you are the best astrologer." HG, Fairfield, IA

"You told me that I would get a settlement offer for my lawsuit in the next few weeks, and I got a reasonable offer the next day. Everything else you said about me rang true also. Now I really believe in Vedic Astrology, and I want to schedule another reading." EP, Fairfax, CA

"You told me I would get a job in February, and that my prospects for marriage would also improve then. Just like you said, I got a new job in the middle of February, and for the first time in my life, I just met somebody who likes me a lot. Can you tell me if we are compatible for marriage?" SS Mountain View, CA

"I was most grateful to receive the tape of my Vedic Astrology reading. I've spent a number of hours replaying it and marveling at its depth and accuracy. It explains many patterns in my life which have mystified me. It also validates many years of effort and exploration, and provides useful guidance for what seems to be a brightening future. I am most grateful to you for these many insights. I will unhesitatingly serve as a reference for your services." RE, Mountain View, CA

"You are the only Vedic Astrologer whom I have met whose predictions came true." SA, San Francisco, CA

"You warned me not to travel much for the next few months, but I did not listen to you. On Tuesday I got into an auto accident--a "fender-bender"--just as you predicted. Everything you said about me was right on. You are the greatest blessing that has entered into my life." MS, Orinda, CA

"He is the best Vedic Astrologer in the Bay Area. He told me I was subject to betrayal. Two days later my girlfriend left me for my best friend." RL, San Francisco, CA

"When you told me that I would sell my property during the first two weeks of May, I was very skeptical, because it had been on the market for three years, with no serious offers. During the second week of May, somebody came from nowhere and offered me a good price for my property, and I sold it. Then I thought of you and your amazing prediction." PC, Cupertino, CA

"Even your voice brings out your earthiness and spirituality. The voice of God speaks through you." DG, New York, NY

"Thanks for your comprehensive analysis of my spiritual interests and spiritual path. You hit all of the big points and all the small points too--truly incredible! Congratulations on your mastery of this Vedic science." RW, Iowa

"Was just thinking of you a moment ago and felt that I should write to thank you for all of your wisdom, insights and patience. Your work is really quite remarkable and has touched so many lives for the better. Some of my friends write me after hearing from you to ask me, "Did you tell him about me? How does he know all of those details?" Of course I assure them that you see at a deep level the inherent possibilities and sense the likely outcomes--and don't need any help from me. Anyway, you are making a difference in the world." RW Iowa

"Words cannot express how much what you have said over the last week has helped me. I want to thank you for being so considerate." CS, Berkeley, CA

"Thank you! I really appreciate your professional and caring style. You're a great tribute to [Anandamayee] Maa's work and the work of God." JB, Fairfield, IA

"All in all, I am grateful for the steps that led me to have contact with you. There's a believability and sense of integrity about you and your work that sets well with me." PM, San Francisco, CA

"Thank you for a focused, clear, and insightful reading today. I will recommend you highly to persons who are looking for Dharmic insights and direction. Thank you again and again." VR, Palo Alto, CA

"I feel so blessed and so privileged to have been touched by the love, light, and grace of an illumined, beautiful soul like you. Thank you for everything!" CM, San Jose, CA

"Thank you for the most helpful and insightful reading I have ever had." TB, Ohio

"I want you to know how much I appreciated the reading--for its accuracy as well as the progress that could be made if right effort was undertaken. I am truly grateful for the pointers. I'll be contacting you later in the year to get a reading for my birthday." IT, New Mexico

"Stephen, it was excellent to speak with you and to listen to you. After our conversation I felt, experienced such peace and ease." PF, Berkeley, CA

"I also wanted to thank you once again for my reading. It was the best astrology reading I've ever had. I'm so glad I came to to you. You told me that [...] and I would move before Christmas. I came home and told [...] this and he said he couldn't imagine us moving for a year. However, in less than a month everything has shifted, ...and we've given our notice." RT, Mill Valley, CA

"Since you already exist in the peace of God, I pray that it continues to grow and blossom. Words can't express how much what you have said over the last week has helped me. I want to thank you for being so considerate. I am so happy our paths have crossed in life and I only look forward to a richer friendship." CS, Montana

"Thank you so very much for my reading yesterday. I found it quite encouraging and enlightening. Some things you said confirmed feelings I've been having while others have given me a lot to think about. It's good to know my purpose in life will be found soon enough." LC, Santa Monica, CA

"I had spent over $800 on two astrological rings, but noticed no change. Then Stephen Quong recommended to me a simple quartz crystal necklace, one that he had from India that had been hand-cut and dipped in the Ganges, each knot tied as the Gayatri mantra was chanted. I bought it for $108, and noticed an incredible difference from the moment I put it on. I felt supercharged with energy, clear, and joyous. I saw myself accomplishing mountains as if surfing on a wave, just watching the flow. The experience restored my faith that astrological gems can make a difference. As Stephen put it, when someone finds the right stone for them, they jump up and their eyes pop out. I thought I couldn't tell which gem to pick, but when Stephen showed me those crystals, I just had to have them. I guess it's not as mysterious as I thought. I can tell!" AN, Grass Valley, CA

"Thank you for your very insightful, spiritual and incredibly rich Life Reading. Your presentation was done in a wonderfully humble yet profound way. Your knowledge is immense and I appreciated your insights and wisdom." JH, Rutherford, NJ

"It was a very helpful reading. You really balance so well good sense, business sense, intuition [and] spiritual support. I'm just so thankful for you." OK, San Francisco

"Thanks so much for your help over the years. I'd like you to know that 99% of your 1998 predictions came to pass in my life! I appreciate your time and efforts. JG, Prescott, AZ

"The last [surgery] date in April was absolutely perfect. In fact my recovery was astoundingly FAST. The doctor did not expect me to walk until 5 days after surgery. I actually recovered in 24-48 hours!!! SP, Oakland, CA

"Can you give me the telephone number you have with God? You're right on the button--100% of what you just said!" BB, Los Angeles, CA

"I thank you deeply for the wealth of truth and knowledge your Vedic astrological reading gave me. Your presence, your evening and morning talks, and the caring and sincere attention you gave in my reading helped make my stay here at the ashram so specially auspicious. NP, New York

"You ARE THE MAN! I just had a meeting with his Boss and I'm getting to keep 67% commission credit for ALL the deals outside of my territory if they close by the end of the month. Your advice definitely gave me the confidence and belief to succeed over this issue. YOU'RE AWESOME!!!!!! Thanks again. I'll let you know how much of it actually I close and what it really meant to my bottom line. Keep studying the stars! You're the BEST! Thanks." HO, Boston, MA

"I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, and from the top of my heart right now.... It was sitting listening to someone who was sensitive and... you just explained what my path has been so far. Everything--absolutely every single thing that you have said--is 100 percent... and I would like to thank you so much. And my mother [who was visiting and heard part of the tape] said, "What a beautiful voice you had." I let my girlfriend hear the beginning of this tape this weekend because she had come over and she said, "What a beautiful voice you have," and "it's so soothing and so loving and so kind." So I want to thank you a million times over, and I wish you every success...and I love you! MR, Canada

"You are really something! You hit everything right on the money--because that's what you get paid for! JR, MA

"It's not just the system of Vedic astrology which is great; it's you, the astrologer, who is great!" HSB, California

"Thanks for giving an excellent reading today and being very flexible with my schedule. This is one of the very best readings I ever had. Everything you said is very accurate. Many, many thanks for the great coaching and approaches to all the issues I have. Looking forward to having more readings from you in the near future!" SS Berkeley, CA

"I have felt a big reduction in anxiety since meeting up. I don't know if it's the herbs, stones, pillow or what. What I do know is this. The herbs are fantastic. Big calming effect. Also your perspective on ***** really helped diffuse the bad energy--your insights were dead-on. There is something about getting the info from someone who doesn't really know her, it makes it more powerful." JD San Anselmo, CA

"Your personal meditation crystal is remarkable! Meditation is the Sadhana assigned to me by my teacher (who is back home in India, in Pune). And I am accustomed to meditating in a darkened room, usually before 6:00 AM, and with closed eyes focused on the spot between my eyes. So when you invited me to feel some kind of energy from the image on my computer screen I was, shall we say, skeptical. Within five seconds of looking at the crystal I felt a pulsation at my temples of a moderate speed. Thinking this ludicrous I scrolled down and read a bit. The pulsing stopped immediately. I scrolled back up, and again immediately the pulsing returned! You made some kind of believer out of me!" PM (email)

"I was exploring your web site further and it happened again! I was receiving the blessed Darshan of the Divine Crystal Shri Chakta Meru Yantra when I distincly heard AUM. I am almost legally deaf and so I took out my hearing aid ... and the AUM persisted. Please clue me in! What is going on? I intend to bookmark the page with the Shri Chakra Meru Mantra so I can revisit it and, I hope, benefit from the visual and auditory Darshan. Delightedly perplexed," PM (email)

"I want to thank you so much for your help! I feel that I could not have sold my restaurant without your help. You really made a difference." DM, San Francisco, CA

"First of all, I want to tell you about the most amazing prediction which you made last year. You told me that I would be able to conceive four months later on a certain date in October, and I had my ovulation exactly on that date!" EF, London, England

"It was a spiritual milestone to talk to you. It is no exaggeration on my part to say that you felt like an old friend waiting at the gate to encourage me, and reaffirm God's love, before a new cycle began." SS, Hawaii

"I am really happy to say that I am experiencing many benefits from the pujas. Therefore, I will continue to do them FOREVER, with your help of course! :) The more I do them, the happier I am!" CM, New York

I really have never felt so good and clear about my life as I did with your reading. A lot of questions I had internally, and on a karmic level, became very clear and I want to thank you for that. SR, New York

Thank you so much! for the great reading. I look forward to reviewing the mp3 files. I learned so much during our session. You are very generous with information and I felt very much that you understood my character and my situation. I felt supported, and am now feeling encouraged about going ahead. KM, California

"Your CD arrived before I had a chance to write you a thank-you letter to express my appreciation for your utmost kindness and patience for my various concerns. You truly surpass all that I have read from the testimonials of your clients. I feel deeply touched and honored that you would even consent to come to [...] and to give me all kinds of help beyond the reading." LG, California

"Thank you for a great webinar..... I'm very eager to do more webinars with you! You are presenting a very cool, easy-to-follow-along way to learn. I am going to mark my calendar now for the next one." CB, California

I am really happy to say that I am experiencing many benefits from the pujas. Therefore, I will continue to do them FOREVER, with your help of course! The more I do them, the happier I am!

It was great chatting with you! You have no idea how positive you left me after our brief chat. The Pujas really are making a difference.

Just thought I would tell you that I am starting a new, and wonderful job on February 1! So, the Puja worked very quickly! CM, New York

I had mentioned that I had three properties in [****] that I was looking to sell. One was halfway through the sale, another was in initial discussions, and the third had not received any interest. You mentioned that all propertries should sell quickly. Exactly as you predicted, the deal for the first one completed soon after, the second one completed much before we expected, and two days after our conversation, an interested buyer came forward for the third property,for which a sale has been agreed. Many thanks for your timely and accurate guidance.

[*****] has been wearing the pendant for just over three weeks now, and the difference I have noticed in her is enormous. Things that would have made her very nervous/upset earlier do not seem to faze her these days. I was quite surprised to see how different her reactions to several things are; she is much more stable and confident. I wondered what had caused the change, and then realised it must be the pendant! You have our heartfelt gratitude and thanks for your help. MM, London

One consultation with you does more for me than three months of therapy. JB, New York

Really, it was quite a masterful reading on your part. Thank you for your clarity, in-depth knowledge, and human compassion. RG, California

Thank you for the reading you did by phone this Saturday. Everything you mentioned felt so familiar and accurate to me--almost as if your dialogue was the same voice of my own Inner Guidance put into words. Change is eminent on so many levels and now I have the courage to move in a more positive, focused direction in my life. I'm thankful to God for guiding my path to find your "little" ad in Yoga Journal that led me to gain greater insight through your blessed work. In Divine friendhsip, Namaste. CS, New York

You did a reading for me in 1993 and I would like to send my appreciation. You gave me guidance about my career and yes, I have incorporated my spiritual life into my career. Just as you said. I don't know how many times I have listened and re-listened to the tape over the almost 19 years. Each time has given me more insight and encouragement. Many thanks. TM

I wanted to sincerely and kindly thank you for the Jyotisha Consultation. I reviewed the MP3 recording today and your analysis was about 100% correct or almost nearly 100% correct. I also appreciate your client service and prompt responses. I would not hesitate to give my testimonial to friends who need an extraordinary Vedic Astrologer. MG, London

All that you have told me almost two years ago came true. AB, Vienna

(Feng Shui space clearing) From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for the Skype session and the ring. I know it is like a broken record of me saying "Thank You" all the time, but yesterday the energy surge around me and within me is something I have never felt before. I was on Sky 9, but at the same time I was all wobbly. I felt energy around me. After our Skype session I had gone out, and when I came back I felt the energy change in my apartment. It also had a different smell, like somebody was in my space (good not bad). Wearing the ring amplified all that I was going through. I also felt an intense hunger and through the night I was cold. I look at this way that I was being recalibrated to be in alignment with everything. Beautiful. It is a blessing to have your support on this journey. SG, New Jersey

Thank you infinitely for such a wonderful and inspiriting reading! It was very uplifting to hear a confirmation from a wise astrologer like yourself that I am on the right path. Since I was a teenager I have often second guessed myself, but now that I am aware of my Dharma in this life, I find new confidence to go forward. Your reading has helped me to see more clearly how to align my life and work with my higher purpose and calling in this life, and in the process be of service to others and the world. AB, Munich

I know over analyzing is not a good thing, but you are such a pure, spiritual, higher plane Soul and have a huge influence on me. I always feel rejuvenated, positively inspired, and never feel hesitant about seeking your advice on anything I think of. SM, California

Puja helped last time. My heart problem is almost 90% better now. EP, South Carolina

This time with you has been more productive and therapeutic and enlightening for me than it has from me going to any other astrologer or psychic. You are the best! VV, California

Comments from Other Vedic Astrologers and Spiritual Teachers

"You are the best astrologer I have ever met." Muni Singh, San Francisco, CA

"You will be the best of astrologers. In fact, your knowledge of astrology is far beyond ours." Dulalda, Calcutta, India

"He is a great astrologer and a good friend of mine." Chakrapani Ullal, Los Angeles, California

"Stephen is the third best astrologer in the world!" Qi-Mag Feng Shui and Tao Geomancy Grandmaster Jes T.Y. Lim, Oy-Mittelberg, Germany (July 2009)

"There are important astrological factors to make you rise in life as not only a successful Daivagnya [seer], but also as a successful exponent of Jyotisha in your part of the world." Dr. B.V. Raman, Editor, The Astrological Magazine, Bangalore, India

"Our Managing Committe has decided to confer the title of Jyotisha Kovida on you for your service rendered to Astrology." U.S. Pulippani, Secretary, Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, Madras, India

"Go see Stephen Quong. He is the best Vedic Astrologer in America." K.N. Rao, former Director of Research, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan School of Astrology, New Delhi, India (largest astrology school in the WORLD)

"He is a great astrologer and a devotee of the Cosmic Mother." Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji, Avadhoota Datta Peetha, Mysore, India

"Thank you so much for your excellent work on my natal Jyotish. My intuition has been entirely correct regarding the extra factors you bring to the practice of Vedic Astrology which account for your excellence. Please add this unsolicited testimonial to your ever-growing list: Stephen Quong (Umananda) has not only the requisite knowledge to be America's best Vedic Astrologer, but he has, in addition, the required purity of heart to make him the foremost in his field." Dr. Devananda Treadway, Calistoga, California

"He will be an expert in astrology and related sciences, a spiritual man, an upholder of Dharma, a master of mantras, defeat all his enemies, and be famous throughout the world." Dhruva Nadi Grantha reading by Dr. B.V. Raman in Bangalore, South India (1993)