Egyptian Healing Rods

For 3,000 years statues of the Pharaohs depicted them holding two rods. Only the Pharaohs and their High Priests were ever allowed to touch what we now know are healing devices. When the Egyptian dynasties ended, knowledge of the purpose and use of the rods was known only to a few secret mystical societies who kept their existence hidden until a European nobleman revealed them to the world. Now, for the first time, the authentic Egyptian Healing Rods are available in North America.

I have been using the Egyptian Healing Rods for many years now, and finally became an authorized distributor. I recommend them highly to anyone interested in improving their health, their healing practice, meditation, creativity, and balancing their own subtle energy fields. The information below is taken the company's main web site: Much more information about the Rods is available there.

I am the only authorized dealer in the San Francisco Bay Area, so if you visit my office, you can actually see and experience the rods and try out different models, before you purchase.

With best wishes for your health and well-being,
Stephen Quong

Excerpts from the company web site: The Rods have been used to help reduce the symptoms of:

High Blood Pressure
High Blood Pressure
Gastric Distress
Cancer Tumors
... and many other illnesses

Increase your energy & reduce stress

All of us are exposed to negative energy every day. These harmful influences can come from the attitudes of people we encounter, world events, environmental pollution and the stress of everyday living. Daily exposure to these negative influences can simply wear you down and leave you open to fatigue, depression, anger and disease. The Egyptian Healing Rods can restore your energy and reduce the harmful effects of stress and negative energy by helping to return your body to its natural balance. THE RODS CAN HELP YOU TO FEEL MORE CALM AND CENTERED. With your mind clear, you will find it easier to focus and accomplish more with less stress. If you work as a healer, counselor or body worker, you know how working closely with many people each day can deplete you. Using the healing rods between sessions can restore your energy and clear your mind so that you can give each client or patient your best.

Construction & Basic Parameters

  1. The Rods are two hollow cylinders, made of copper (for the right hand) and of zinc (for the left hand) with specific fillings for each type of Rod. The Rods' construction is based upon the manuscript of Count Walewsky.

  2. All of the outer and inner Rods' dimensions are produced according to the proportions of the Golden Section.

  3. The copper and zinc used for producing the cylinders are of very high quality.

  4. To improve efficiency of The Rods, all of the components used in manufacturing the cylinders are conditioned inside the Pyramid for a minimum 12- day cycle. The Pyramid creates a powerful structural field able to correct inter-atom distances.

  5. The holographic images on the Rods is your guarantee of authenticity and high quality.

For more information about the Rods, please visit: For telephone orders and assistance in selecting the best set of Rods for you, please call (925) 754-8858 during normal business hours, Pacific Time Zone. Thank you!

Order Your Egyptian Healing Rods Now:

The Rods Kont: $399. These Rods have a grounding and relaxing energy. According to Russian scientific studies the Rods Kont can help lower blood pressure and relieve insomnia. They are an excellent choice for those who are new to energy work because they gently open the bio-field for greater expansion.

The Rods Quartz. There are two models of Rods Quartz, filled with varying types and sizes of quartz sand and quartzite material. These rods are both soothing to the body and gently stimulating to the psychic energies. They also prepare the energy system for expansion, and studies show that these Rods stimulate immune function. They are a great alternative to the Rods Kont if you have low blood pressure. The Rods Quartz 1 are not in stock at this time.

The Rods Quartz 2: $429. These Rods provide the most universal remedy, and are best for all-around use. They are filled with medium-coarse quartz sand. Their effect increases gradually, without sudden changes. The effects can therefore be easily controlled.

The Rods Quartz 3: $454. This model is the highest amplitude (strongest) of the Rods Quartz series. They are filled with coarse quartz sand. The effects are more intense, and thus can be overstimulating for some people.

The Rods Crystal: $510. The monocrystal in the Rods Crystal acts more powerfully, in a more direct manner. These Rods are very good for group work under a supervision of a specialist. These were made for the Egyptian Priests, who were masters of healing. These cylinders created a powerful energetic shield around a person which could influence a patient, harmonizing his energetic streams, being an executor and transmitter of the signal from master's mind at the same time.

The Rods Free Flow: $404. These half-size Rods are meant to be used with a regular size set of Rods. They can quickly balance Yin/Yang energies, and are helpful for grounding and increasing mental clarity.

The Rods Connectivity: $499. These Rods were designed for healing practitioners who need to strengthen, cleanse and rebalance their own energy bodies. These Rods also help the user to access higher levels of consciousness and connect with higher powers for more information about themselves and their patients. I also recommend them for people who have a strong meditation practice, but might have some physical health issues they need to work on.

The Rods Star Consciousness: $599. The newest and most potent Egyptian Healing Rods. Instantly elevates you into higher dimensions, awareness of past lives, and multi-dimensional energy. Best suited for experienced energy workers, healing circles and other group activities.

The Rods Golden Amber: $499. These rods are used for Kundalini awakening, healing, visualization and manifestation.

The Rods Meteorite: $2,150. These rods are filled with high frequency meteorite pieces – the frequency they carry is ideal for out of body explorations.

The Rods Quantum: $2,750. These powerful rods are only sold with training… The Quantum Rods are directional and can be used to affect molecular spin. Ideal for rapid healing and Deep, deep multi-dimensional meditations.

The Rods Trinity: $544. The Trinity Rods (choose either the male or female model) balance Yin/Yang energies, and are used for healing and Mental Clarity.

Price does not include shipping. Please add $15.00 per set for domestic shipping by US Postal Service Priority Mail with insurance.