Healing Crystals
How to Choose a "Pranic Healing" Type Crystal

Aside from individual preferences and attraction to a specific crystal based upon size, shape and energetic connection, the informed consumer should consider the following factors. The transformation of a piece of rough quartz crystal into an extraordinarily powerful healing tool is affected by:

  1. The source and quality of the quartz crystal. We use the highest quality, flawless or near flawless, colorless, Brazilian natural quartz crystal for our premium quality crystals. From our experience, this top quality Brazilian quartz is superior to quartz crystal from other parts of the world for creating powerful but controllable energy healing tools. Major inclusions like fracture lines, heavy veils, and opaque frosting at the base, can greatly compromise the flow of energy within the interior of the crystal, and reduce the effective of the healing tool. On the other hand, we believe that faint phantom points and blue Lemurian seeds in an otherwise flawless crystal can enhance its healing power. For those who cannot afford a premium quality, flawless, natural Brazilian quartz crystal, we also offer "Pranic Healing" style crystals cut with the very best quality, flawless, optical grade Russian laboratory grown quartz.

  2. The quality of the gold used as an insert will affect the healing quality of the crystal. We use 24 karat, solid, yellow gold rods as inserts in our premium quality crystals. We also offer crystals filled with 18 karat yellow gold hollow tubing, which was approved by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui as being acceptable, and which are more affordable. The discerning and sensitive practitioner will notice a substantial energetic difference between these two choices. There is nothing finer than the energy of pure, solid, 24 karat yellow gold when used to enhance the power of a natural quartz crystal healing tool. 24 karat gold will always cost more, but the results are unmatched.

  3. The consciousness and intention of the cutter will be imprinted into the physical matrix of the quartz crystal as it is being cut, faceted and polished. Hand-cut crystals will have a very different quality of energy, compared to machine-cut crystals. If the cutter is engaged in spiritual practices, and the crystal is cut in a harmonious environment, that type of energy will be noticeable in the finished crystal.

  4. In addition, we offer the option of additional, proprietary programming of new crystals, such as infusion of the crystal with the proprietary Shen-Ion Harmonik healing frequencies developed by Feng Shui Grandmaster Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim, founder and president of the world's largest Feng-Shui school (see www.feng-shui.com and www.vielharmonie.com). These proprietary enhancements will amplify the healing power of the standard "Pranic Healing" type crystal manifold.

We are experienced crystal healers ourselves, with many decades of experience in this field. Our mission and our goal is to make these premium quality healing tools available to those crystal healers who want the very best available at any price--the best in quality of materials, the best in quality of workmanship, and the best in overall effectiveness. With each crystal made and delivered with love and care, we continue to earn the appreciation of our clients, the respect of our peers, and the reputation of providing crystal healers from around the world with "the Rolls Royce of Healing Crystals".