Poem to the Divine Mother

O Mother! Take me home to the Other Shore,
End my heartaches forever more;
Lead me 'cross the misty flow
Of currents deep and waters cold.
As I stand upon the sandy edge,
Solemn vows of life onced pledged
Come to haunt my mind and soul,
Remind me of the journey's goal.

I walk through fields of flowers in bloom--
'Tis passing through a sunlit room
Of Mother's vast engulfing smile,
A blissful kiss of timeless guile.
Lost in beauty, Nature's gift,
Still I feel something missed:
I long for That, which I cannot see--
The urge to merge in Mystery.

My oneness with the One unfolds
Like petals of a budding rose;
I open to the rising sun,
Then close my face when day is done.
And then one day, when my time is through,
No longer shall I catch the dew.
I shall fall again, to greet the earth,
Become a seed, to seek rebirth.

Catch me Mother, before I fall,
Answer now my heartfelt call:
I need not be a seed again,
To grow and die in pleasure and pain.
Let me be a flower for you,
Let me join the precious few
Of earthly blossoms swept away
By loving hands, in Maya's play.

Carried across the currents deep,
Beyond the worlds of death and sleep,
I waken to know that all the while
A flower is just the Mother's smile.

Umananda - 26 October 1983