Travel and Teaching Schedule

Teaching and Travel Schedule For 2018

AVAILABILITY: I will be traveling quite a bit this year, so please email me at to confirm my availability, ond to schedule an appointment for a consultation while I am traveling. Thanks.

26 February to 3 April 2018, in Sarasota, Florida: Six-Day Certification Course: Tao Geomancy - Level 1.

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17 March to 9 Aril 2018: Courses and private consultations in Germany and Austria.

17-18 March 2018: Introductory lecture on Vedic Astrology and Private Consultations at Yoga Institut Schwarzwald, Kandelstrase 6, Waldkirch, Bayern, Germany.

For more information please contact Alex Fraim at +49 (0) 7681 497 992. Email:

24-25 March 2018: 2-Day Workshop: "Rebalancing Your Subtle Energy Fields". Martin-Luther-Str. 46, 10779 Berlin, Germany. Private Consultations at Ignite Fitness Studio, Husemannstr. 32, Berlin, Germany.

29 March to 2 April 2018: A 5-Day Easter Weekend Retreat with Yoga Classes, Satsang, Vedic Astrology readings, and a certificate course on: "Spiritual Healing Through Rebalancing the Subtle Energy Fields". Held at the picturesque Landhotel Hirshen, Platz 187, 6952 Hittisau, Austria.
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6 April 2018: Lecture: "Discovering your Life Purpose Through Vedic Astrology" - at 20:00 hours.
7-8 April 2018: Private consultations in Munich. For more information and to schedule an appointment, contact:

3-5 June 2018: Applied Precognition Project Annual Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada.
Meet some of the world's greatest remote viewers!

20-22 July 2018: Guest speaker at the US Psychotronics Association conference in Deerfield, IL (near Chicago). "The Case for the Radionics Broadcasting of Sanskrit Mahamantras".

Mid-September to mid-October 2018: Pilgrimage to South India and Tao Geomancy course in Colombo Sri Lanka (tentative).

23-27 October 2018: Guest Speaker at: 2018 Radionics Symposium--Taught by the Masters.
Topic: "Geomantic and Radionic Protocols for Clearing Black Streams and Dark Pools", Saturday 27 October 2018 at 3:15 p.m.

Program brochure: 2018 Radionics Symposium -- Taught by the Masters, Rapid City, South Dakota

Please email me if you are interested in hosting a lecture or workshop in your city.
I will need at least 12 students to teach outside of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Course topics available this year include:

Introduction to Vedic Astrology
Astro-Palmistry for Health Assessment
Vedic Gem Therapy and Astral Gemstone Talismans
Master Course on Crystal Healing
Qi-Mag Feng Shui
Tao Geomancy, Earth Acupuncture, and Advanced Chinese Shamanic Practices
The Essence of Qi-Gong Healing Practices
Psychotronics and Radionics: The Mind/Machine Interface
Dowsing as a Tool for Self-Diagnosis and Self-Empowerment
Medicine Buddha Healing Dharma with Abhisheka
Taoist Yantras for Healing and Spiritual Protection
Hanmi Esoteric School Chinese Tantric Buddhist Meditation Practices
Quantum Physics: The Holographic Universe, Fractals, Gravity Waves and Time/Space Anomalies
DNA Activation and the Manifestation of the Rainbow Light Body
Spiritual Healing in the Nath Tradition of the late Dr. U Shein of Myanmar
Introduction to the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetic Healing
Spiritual Surgery: Clearing Anchor Points of Disease in the Subtle Energy Bodies
Remote Diagnosis, Remote Healing, and Remote Influencing of Future Events, and more.