Tao Geomancy Certification Course - Level 1

Tao Geomancy: Harmonizing Heaven and Earth

Tao Geomancy is the ancient Chinese art and science of harmonizing Earth energies and our relationship with the Spirit world using spiritual means and techniques. It is an esoteric branch of traditional Feng Shui which is not commonly taught in the Western world. However, it can also be studied and practiced as a separate discipline, for those who already have a practice and some experience with some other forms of energy work.

Most contemporary Feng Shui practitioners have never learned intensive land cleansing and Earth acupuncture techniques. Many of them are not even aware of the significance of geopathic stress, let alone having the ability to clear it.

Beyond the traditional goals of Feng Shui--improving the quality and flow of Qi, restoring the balance of Yin/Yang, harmonizing the interactions of the Five Cosmic Elements, and designing living and working spaces according to the qualities of the Eight Directions --there is Tao Geomancy. Tao Geomancy works with invisible spiritual forces and beings, geomagnetic currents, ley lines, akashic records, and the underlying causes of various forms of geopathic stress.

There are hundreds, thousands, and perhaps even millions of years of Earth history underneath our cities and rural habitats. These energetic records contain both positive, life-supporting, healthy energies; and negative, debilitating energies which drain our body vitality and Qi.

Many of our thoughts, feelings and actions are unconsciously influenced by living or working in proximity to these energetic records. So you can imagine how important it would be to identify the energetic records in our living and working spaces, and to transform or upgrade those energies which are not beneficial.

In order to quickly and expeditiously clear the established matrix of mixed or discordant, inharmonious energy fields, we need access to higher levels of energy and obtain the assistance of spiritual teachers, protectors, and guides, as well as establishing communion with elemental beings and Nature spirits. Towards this goal, the course will include a series of spiritual transmissions which will purify your aura and chakras, open up the body's energy channels, repair damage to the pineal gland, and awaken the kundalini energies required to perfomm high level energy work.

Energetic activation to accelerate self-development is one of the unique features of the Qi-Mag School of Feng Shui and Geobiology.

In its modern 21st century reincarnation, as presented to the Western world by Grandmaster Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim, Tao Geomancy makes extensive use of dowsing, muscle testing, remote viewing, and subtle energy technologies and devices--all in accordance with ancient Taoist principles.

The first Tao Geomancy certification course to be presented in the USA is scheduled for January/February 2018, in Sarasota, Florida. The date and location will be announced soon. Tuition for the six-day course will be $2,500 USD.

We are considering the possibility of offering this course for six consecutive days, or dividing this course into two modules of three days each, to be held a month apart. While we are in the planning stage, please contact me by email to indicate your preference for the class format.

Students who complete the Tao Geomancy Level 1 course will receive a diploma and the title of "Associate Master of Tao Geomancy", from the Qi-Mag International Feng Shui and Geobiology Institute, the world's largest Feng Shui school.


  • The instructor for the course, Stephen Quong, is a certified instructor of Qi-Mag Feng Shui, a certified Master of Tao Geomancy, and recently certified by Grandmaster Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim to teach Level 1 of the Tao Geomancy course worldwide.

    Please email smquong@gmail.com or call +1 925 754 8858 in the Pacific Time Zone for more information.

    Tao Geomancy: Creating Heaven on Earth