Vital-Energi® Leather Insoles

Premium Quality "Viva" Model:
$75.00 plus tax and shipping. (shown on left) Thin enough to fit in almost any shoe. Viva insoles are made of prime quality cowhide tanned with herbal extracts for the optimum shoe climate. The Viva insole has an orthopedic design which helps prevent and relieves "splay foot" by relieving pressure on the ball and arch of the foot. Viva is recommended for those who suffer from Plantar Fascitis. Viva features a sturdy support for the longitudinal arch and a built-in orthopedic insert/pellet for the latitudinal arch (metatarsal). Includes Shen-Ion Harmonik certification card.


There are over 7200 nerves in the human foot, which are directly connected with all of the vital organs in the body, as well as with every single part of the brain. Massage of the reflex points and zones in the foot is believed to be beneficial for health, improved blood circulation, and stress reduction. Foot reflexology massage has been practiced in Asian countries for thousands of years.

When we walk barefoot on rough and uneven surfaces such as found in Nature, the foot reflex points are naturally stimulated, resulting in a greater sense of well-being throughout the body. Wearing shoes may protect our feet from temperature extremes and injury, but they also prevent us from receiving the natural stimulation of the foot reflex zones.

The Shen-Ion HarmoNIK Leather Insole is designed to gently stimulate your foot reflex points while you wear your normal shoes. It is programmed with over a hundred harmonious, health supporting, vitalising, soft pulsing frequencies, which support blood and lymphatic circulation in the foot area, as well as cellular regeneration.

Unlike some insoles which are implanted with a few magnets, which could over-stimulate the body's vital organs through the foot reflex points, the Shen-Ion HarmoNIK Leather Insoles pulse soft, gentle, harmonic and vitalising frequencies throughout the entire surface of the insoles, resulting in a more complete and natural stimulation of the reflex points.


- Warmer feet and improved blood circulation in feet and legs, reduction of swelling
- Reduction of leg and body fatigue, softening of hardened tendons and tissues
- Reduction of varicose veins problems, less pain and discomfort
- Improved mobility of feet, ankles, and knees
- Reduction of foot odors and sweating problems

The harmonious frequencies programmed into the leather insoles should continue to be effective throughout the lifespan of the leather insoles. However, when cleaning the insoles, please wash with cool water, as hot water may destroy the programmed frequencies and the texture of the leather insoles.

Legal Disclaimer: These statements have not been approved by the FDA. No health claims are expressed or implied that the use of these insoles can diagnose, treat, or heal any disease, condition, or illness. If you have any health problems, please consult a professional health care provider immediately.

Wikipedia Excerpt On Foot Reflexology

Scientists have studied reflexology for the following health problems and found that many of the conditions were improved but that further evidence was needed.

Relaxation, anxiety
Premenstrual syndrome
Headaches and migraines
Comfort and palliation in cancer patients (though no better than massage)
Increased fetal activity
Foot edema during pregnancy
Multiple sclerosis - specifically the management of some motor or sensory symptoms
Cancer pain