Vital-Energi® Brown Fu Card

Brown Fu Card:
$45.00 each, plus tax and shipping.

Are you sleeping well? If not, try this powerful and effective Feng Shui remedy. Place a Brown Fu Card under your chair or bed to block various types of geopathic stress. Instructions are printed in English and Spanish on the back of the card.

"It feels like floating on a cloud of spiritual energy!"

The Vital-Energi Brown Fu Card is a Feng Shui remedy invented by Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim, founder and director of the Qi-Mag International Institute of Feng Shui and Geobiology--the world's largest Feng Shui college.

The "Fu" symbol on the card is permanently energized to both block and divert the disturbing energies of local geopathic stress.

Almost all areas of the world have some form of geopathic stress, including underground water lines, earthquake fault lines, the stagnant, decomposing energies of "black streams"; gravitational anomalies caused by underground caves, different densities of rock formations, ley lines, Hartmann lines, ancient burial sites, etc. There are over 300 types of geopathic stress which have been identified. This Brown Fu Card will block or divert many of them.