Vital-Energi® Kundalini Activation Card

Kundalini Activation Card:
$150.00 each, plus tax and shipping. Only one card left in stock, and uncertainty about future availability

This credit card size, laminated card is a limited edition prototype, available for beta-testing by experienced dowsers, energy healers, and metaphysical researchers.

A Qi-Mag Green Fu card has been re-programmed by Feng Shui Grandmaster Dr. Prof. Jes T.Y. Lim, with proprietary Vital-Energi® technology for awakening the Kundalini energy.

Research is currently underway to verify whether or not the programming of this card can:

Remove cancer producing toxins
Activate embryological stem cells
Remove cataracts
Improve aerobic respiration of cells
Correct astigmatism
Activate the kundalini
Remove kundalini blockages
Improve Alzheimer's conditions
Improve Parkinson's conditions
Improve bone metabolism
Help with Type 2 diabetes
Reduce symptoms of hay fever
Neutralize toxic proteins from poisonous insect bites
Neutralize memories of pre-natal trauma
Remove arterial solvents
Remove solvents from nerves and brain
Remove solvents from eye lenses
Reduce abdominal fat and toxic fats and proteins
Remove bacterial and viral toxins
Remove abdominal solvents
Prevent abnormal blood clotting
Reduce prostate gland enlargement
Clear addictions to alcohol, cocaine, heroin and nicotine

Legal Disclaimer: This card is intended for professional research purposes only, on the influence of specific frequencies on subtle energy fields. It is not intended for the diagnosis, treatment, cure, or healing of any physical health condition, disease or ailment. No health claims are expressed or implied in any way. Please consult a physician, medical doctor, or other qualified health professional before engaging in any kind of personal research and experimentation with this card, or any other alternative health therapy. The individual purchaser and user of this card must assume full responsibility for all consequences arising from their experimental research.

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